5 is Enough

Chapter 8: All the Shine


I need love and affection, love, love, love, love, love, L.O.V.EE. And affection…

“It’s not what you think…” I pulled the covers around my body running after Jonathan.

“Yeah, then why you naked with another man in OUR bed?” He pushed me out the way.

I grabbed his arm, hoping that he would eventually stop and see the truth.

“Let me go, man” Jonathan’s arms snaked out of my grasp and he walked towards the door.

“I’m… I’m” I swallowed.

“You what?”

“I’m not with him… I still love you.” He faced me.

“Too bad.” He pointed the gun in my face.

“Noooooo!” I was sweating, the tenth nightmare this week. Either Jonathan is out, or he is close. I pulled on my sweater and walked to the car.


I pulled up to his house, knocking on the door twice like we always did.

“Fuck you round here for Richie.” His body shown through the screen door bringing back old memories.

“See you ain’t changed neither.” We hugged, a little too long but I dismissed it.

He led me into his old bedroom, nothing changed because he still had those old ass Rihanna posters and Cassie posters everywhere.


“Aye, I’m still gonna marry them one day.” He chuckled.

“One day, it’s been like what 5 years.” I laughed.

“Shut up.” He licked his lips, making something else pop up in my mind.

“Stop doing that.”

“Doing what?”  He kept doing it, eyes traveling down my body.

“You know…” He pulled me into him and kissed my neck.

“I still love him.” He sighed.

“Why you here then? You love him more than you loved me.” His face read hurt across it.

I was quiet. Coming over was a mistake but I can’t regret the feeling of love I had for him. Jonathan was my first love and I always ended up with him no matter what the situation was. After giving my sisters the advice that they needed, I needed to focus on my relationships, or at least this one.

“I’m stuck between both of you.” I huffed.

“Choose me or him. If it’s him you can walk right out of this door. I won’t hold you back. Shit I was about to cop a bop in a min anyways.” I hated when he would put his ego first.

“Fuck you.” I grabbed my coat and speed-walked to the door.

“No, wait.” Jonathan stopped me before I could touch the knob.

“What!” I snapped.

“I’m not about to apologize for what I said, but for real tho. Me or him, I’m not going through this again.” I nestled into his chest, inhaling his Lacoste cologne I bought him last year.

“You really did love me.”

“Never stopped.” I felt a smile spread across my lips.

The Next Day

“Richie, get your phone.” I turned over realizing that I slept over Jonathan’s house last night.

11:35, Oh shit.

I hopped up but fell back down when I felt pain shooting everywhere in my lower body. I looked over at Jonathan and all he did was laugh.

“It’s not funny.” I smacked him with the pillow.

“I never noticed.” He hovered over me adding pressure to my legs.

“Get up.” I whined.

“Fine.” He smacked my thighs, causing me to yelp out loudly.

“Drop me off please. I can’t walk.” He helped me up.

“Usually, your happy after we sleep together, what’s on your mind?”  

“Nothing.” I stared off, his words felt like it was weight on my chest.

“Right.” He scooped me up bridal style and set me on the stairs.

“Wear this.” He handed me one of his favorite shirts.

I put it on and tried to slide on my pajama pants without touching my legs. It didn’t work; I ended up hitting my legs against the stairs when I tried to stand up. I needed a well-deserved bath when I got home.

When we pulled up to Nana’s, Bryce and Logan were sitting on the porch. I looked over at Jonathan, who was looking for Payton.

“Where’s P?” I actually didn’t know the answer to that question and I didn’t care, I was tired.

“Think she’s at Brandon’s why?”

He handed me his phone, scrolling down his T|L I seen a tweet from Payton:

@PAYattention:  Across ML K, babe come get me before he does. Brown building loves.

I rolled the window down.

“Bry, I’ll be right back, uh were going to the store.” I signaled Jonathan to drive to Brandon’s.

I called Payton, hoping she would explain.


“Where are you?” I said sternly.

“At Brandon’s, with the crew. Why?”

“Jonathan and I are on the way.”

“Is the car seat still in the trunk?” 

“Yeah” Why did she need a booster seat?

“Okay, see ya.”  She hung up.

A car seat. What did she get into last night? I couldn’t’t think of a good reason why she would need a car seat, except for Brian needing it. But then again Brandon has a seat for his little brother. I should have stayed on campus.

Brandon answered the door looking confused.

“You and Jonathan in the same area? At the same damn time… What happen to y’all last night?”

“Move.” I pushed him playfully, but I could see Jonathan and Brandon snickering from the corner of my eye.

I walked into Brian’s room and sat on his bed.

“Deli!” I attacked him with kisses. He was my little buddy; I used to hang out with Brandon’s sister, Justice; before she moved to California. Justice and I were best friends before she decided that she wanted to act. But long story short, Brian was always tagging along with Brandon since he could walk; leaving him with me all the time.

“I missed you curls!” He hugged me tight, seems like I was really missed.

“Did you see Cassie?” I frowned.


“The girl that Payton brought in last night, she played games with me but I think she cheated in chutes and ladders.”


I talked to Brian for a while until he kicked me out to watch SpongeBob. Hearing Payton’s voice in the kitchen, I walked in to see a little girl eating at the table staring back at me.

“Hi.” I waved at her; she offered a weak smile back.

“Uh, Delilah this is Cassie, Cassie this is my older sister Delilah”

“She’s very pretty” I blushed.

“Thanks, I like your dress too.” Cassie giggled.

I pulled Payton aside.

“What are you gonna do?”

“Last night I was at ML K with the crew and we had an encounter with Blake again. I went outside and was kidnapped by Nikko who wanted me to himself. Brandon and Ramon helped me out of there but I couldn’t leave Cassie in that horrible building. Nikko slapped her, and I think something else was going on because there were no adults anywhere near the building.” I looked over at Cassie and back to Payton.

“I’m not going to say anything but, if you get in trouble, call me; I’ll be at Jonathan’s.” I shook my head.

Another night sleeping at Jonathan’s won’t hurt.

After dropping Payton, Cassie, Bryce, and Logan off; Jonathan took me back to his place.

“Wanna watch a movie?” I could tell he was getting bored and it was going on 8, so why not.

“Yeah but let’s get some snacks first.” He nodded.

We walked to the redbox near the Walgreen’s up the street. I was about to order a movie but we both heard arguing in the parking lot.

“Bruh bout to get none tonight.” We both started laughing.

The girl was all in dude’s face. He was trying to walk around her, but she was holding onto his coat. We couldn’t’t decide what to watch, so we bought a bunch. I made him stop at 711 to get some Slurpee’s, never can get enough of those.


I wasn’t there anymore, truthfully I was gone. The screaming became too much, I tuned everything out and turned to see Jonathan staring at me.

“Richie. Pull it.” He lowered his head.

I became hesitant; deciding whether to pull the trigger was killing me, no pun intended. I began tugging at my hoodie. He laughed at me, smiling when he knew he was going to die. Typical.

“Anything you wanna say?”

“Naw baby girl, Im’a go out in style.” He laughed hard.

I pulled it, without remorse. His head slumped down and he was leaking all over my shoes. The police pulled up and everything went in slow motion.

“Richie, I’ll be back; know that I love you.” Jonathan cupped my face and kissed me.

“You can’t go to jail! I did this!” he chuckled.

“Delilah Symone Clark, I’ll die for you girl! If anyone killed this man, it was me. You saw it happen before the police came right?” I nodded; hot tears were burning my cheeks.

“How will you know?” He turned around facing me.

“Know what?”

“Know that you love me.” He tugged at my necklace.

“This is all I need.” He pointed to his arm; my name was on his forearm.

“I’ll visit…” Blue and red lights flashed in my face blinding my temporarily. When it faded, I could see the police taking Jonathan away.

“All that I need.” I was sitting on the steps staring into oblivion.

5 years ago, I killed a man with my boyfriend watching. He went to jail for me and when he got out I was with another man. Who am I to lead two men…. It’s my love against my future. Or at least I think he’s my future.

“Symone, if you gotta tell me sumthin say it now.” He said, waving his hand back and forth in my face.

“Why did you do it?” I put my phone down, and faced him to see if he would tell me the truth

“Do what?”

“Covered for me.” He sighed, rubbing his hands over his face.

“This isn’t relevant right now; can we talk about this another time?”

“Avoiding it isn’t going to solve this.” I shuddered at the flashback.

“Shh we can talk later, now just relax Richie.” I leaned back on his chest letting sleep overcome me.

“When I talk about you ,girls who like Horton, I was born for this shit ,you a rappin abortion. Can we hear the n word one day and not get upset, can we try something new and not be suspect. I don’t really know you fucked up bad, you don’t want to see my dudes when they get mad.” We were bumpin Childish Gambino all over the house.

His arms wrapped around my waist, I could feel him breathing down my neck. It was still haunting me, the fact that I not only killed a man but I also killed something that we had. I couldn’t tell him why, the eye of the storm was still brewing and if I didn’t say anything now then it would break us.

"What are you doing?" He semi yelled.

"Damn!" I didn’t notice that the pancakes were burning in the skillet.

"Talk." Jonathan was staring at me, watching my every move until I spoke.

"Why do you still love me?" Jonathan unwrapped his arms and sat on the stool.

"What type of question is that? Ask me that 5 years ago." He let out a deep chuckle.

I don’t know why his calmness angered me but it just did.

"Answer it then." I said a little louder than I intended on. 

"You still here right? There’s your answer." He was getting angry too.

"Glad I did that shit" I mumbled.

"Fuck you say?" Jonathan shot up and moved towards me.

"Don’t act stupid." I turned around, looking out the window.

"You got shit to get off your chest. Say it."  We held a stare down forever until the doorbell rang.

I got up to get it but he pushed me back down. 

"Sit your ass down." He gritted.

I heard a man’s voice deeper than Jonathan’s. Jonathan came back in in with a guy who looked familiar.

"Andrew." He put his hand out for me to shake.

"Delilah." I shook his but it felt like he was gripping my hand too tight.

"Aye" Jonathan’s hand broke our handshake.

I huffed and sat down on the couch not caring about  the breakfast sitting in the skillet.

"Drew. This is a bad time bro. You gotta go man." Andrew looked so familiar to me except I couldn’t figure out where I seen him before. 


My whole day was good, I made a huge sandwich,had the basement to myself, then I had a 3 hr nap.

Kentrell’ s shadow bounced off the walls in the living room. She had the look of worry on her face .

"Speak." I had no time for her bullshit. She had her chance.

"I’m pregnant." I fell out in laughter. I dropped on the floor rolling around.

"This ain’t funny." I turned red laughing so hard.

"Who you tryna trap?" I calmed down and turned serious.

"Its yours." Her eyes were looking in other directions.

"If you think that lying is your way of getting back at me. It’s working." I mentally started counting how many times we had sex.

"It is yours. Greg and I never had sex." Now she’s really lying.

"Hold on." I called Greg.


"Aye Greg do you hear this shit?"

"Hear what?"

"Kentrell claims that she is pregnant." Greg started laughing louder than I did.

"By you?"

"Yeah man."

"Damn, that’s messed up."

"And she said y’all ain’t fuck." Kentrell got quiet. Busted, I know.

"We….did…". He sounded like he was putting it together.

I hung up. It was just enough to push me over the edge.

"After I cried like a bitch, didn’t sleep with other girl’s, gave you everything." I was seething.

"Dri, baby…" Kentrell backed up.

"Cut that baby shit. You lied on me like that!" My hands snaked around her throat.

"ADRIAN LET ME GO!!". Kentrell struggled to unwrap my hands.

I only tightened my grip, watching her turn purple.

Louis ran in and grabbed my hands, tearing them from Kentrell’ s purple neck.

"Dri, let’s go." Louis pulled me outside and threw my coat to me.

"Get in." He opened the car doors.

"Shit." I started  to think that the kid could be mines.

Sneak Peek!!!

I wasn’t there anymore, truthfully I was gone. The screaming became too much, I tuned everything out and turned to see Jonathan staring at me.

“Richie. Pull it.” He lowered his head.

I became hesitant; deciding whether to pull the trigger was killing me, no pun intended. I began tugging at my hoodie. He laughed at me, smiling when he knew he was going to die. Typical.

“Anything you wanna say?”

“Naw baby girl, Ima go out in style.” He laughed hard.

I pulled it, without remorse. His head slumped down and he was leaking all over my shoes. The police pulled up and everything went in slow motion.

“Richie, I’ll be back; know that I love you.” Jonathan cupped my face and kissed me.

“You can’t go to jail! I did this!” he chuckled.

“Delilah Symone Clark, I’ll die for you girl! If anyone killed this man, it was me. You saw it happen before the police came right?” I nodded; hot tears were burning my cheeks.

“How will you know?” He turned around facing me.

“Know what?”

“Know that you love me.” He tugged at my necklace.

“This is all I need.” He pointed to his arm; my name was on his forearm.

Chapter 7: Live in the moment, Die in the moment


I was stuck, both mentally and physically, I couldn’t move at all. My body was numb.

"You pregnant?"Payton’s obnoxious voice filled my ears making me nauseated.

"Uh" I felt it coming up.

They were all looking at me and their faces looked distorted.

"Bry pull over.."I said calmly, trying to relax my stomach.

"Hell no answer her question." She yelled. 

I faced the window trying to focus on the streetlights.

"Pull Over Now!" I cupped my mouth as the car screeched to a halt.

I jumped out the car, more like flew ; but I made it out the car before the smoothie decorated the dashboard.

"What in ten whole fucks is this man?!" Payton yelled.

So I missed the ground by a few feet, so what. I turned to Payton’s fuming face and laughed. Literally laughed like Kingsley was standing in front of me. 

Bryce got out and took in the scene and she was laughing too. 

"This shit isn’t funny." She stepped back slipping out of her shirt, exposing her bra.

"Put your shirt back on! " Deli said.

Bryce helped me up and handed me her jacket. 

"Were going to grandma’s, P you need to relax." She slammed her door.


Calm down. Real funny. Calm down. How am I supposed to calm down if I have smoothie on my shirt? Its cold, Chicago weather at that. I’m cold and I don’t have a shirt now, just my coat. 

"Go inside first." I nudged Deli.

Nana opened the door taking in the horrific scene we had.

"Took you this long to tell me you’re pregnant." She shot Logan the death stare. So that’s where mom gets it from. 

I washed my shirt and pulled out one of Dri’s shirts. I put it on and slipped on my coat. 

"Nana,I’m going to sleep at Bran’s house." She nodded.

"Tell my baby, I love him." I locked eyes with Logan and my mood worsened. 

"Bye" I said dryly.

"Love you." We couldn’t leave without saying it because it was a promise.

"Yeah you too." I slammed the door and put my hood on.


I know P was mad but not saying it back is messed up. I tuned out of the convo when my phone buzzed.


"I miss you " I made a kissing face.

"I miss you too."

"I’m at Nana’s, so I’m getting a verbal ass whopping now since I didn’t come an visit her." Bryce popped my forehead.

"Owwww!" It burned.

"Damn she popped you that hard." He laughed.

"Yeah… Sorry Nana." 

" When you coming back?" I thought about it. I went to the bathroom.

"When Nana goes to sleep, I’ll take the car because I know Bryce and Logan are gonna stay." 

"Finally, I can get some then." He said cockily.

"Get what?"


"You know these walls are thin don’t be talking all nasty in Nana’s house." Bry laughed.

"See you later babe." I hung up.

"Damn blocker!" I nudged Bry out the way.

"If I can’t get none, you can’t either."

"Someones in a drought, I see." I snickered.

I don’t know what Nana told Logan but she looked like she put her hand in the cookie jar.

"You need to apologize…" Her head jerked back.

"For what?"She snapped.

"Laughing at Payton’s shirt, I’m glad she didn’t do anything to you. Didn’t feel like driving to the hospital." I grabbed a cookie and walked into the guest room. Logan couldn’t leave it alone so she followed me.

"I laughed, so what. I mean its not like I did it intentionally." So she is ignoring the fact that I’m trying to sleep.

"I don’t care. Just apologize because you would be pissed if it was the other way around." I grabbed my pillow covering my ears.

"I don’t know why y’all always stick up for her!"

Here we go….


Deciding that I needed a break from reality, I went to Brandon’s house.

"Bran, where you be?" I whispered walking into his room.

There he was,dripping wet from head to toe. He didn’t notice me walking in on him. I kept staring at his body.

"Don’t you knock first?" He snorted.

"You forgot that you live in the basement, right?" I grabbed the remote and turned to Spongebob. My secret homie.

"Fam pissin you off again "

"Yeah" I sighed. He handed me a juice.

"What we doin tonight?" 

My phone buzzed. “Gabby reminded me about Drew wanted to hang at MLK. Lorena said shes about to leave and did we want a ride?” Brandon was typing away in his phone.

"Bran. I’m going." He nodded.


I texted Rena and told her to give me ten. I always kept clothes at Brandon’s, so finding something wouldn’t take long.

"Woah!" Brandon circled me. 

"Lets go!" He pulled me towards the door. That’s funny. No judgement.

We were all in the car goofin off before we pulled up.

"Aiight look, girls don’t get ratchet! And guys don’t cuff no hoes!" Drew shouted making us all laugh.

"Drew too turnt up!" Rena shouted over the laughter.

When we got inside, it was PACKED! Drew and Brandon dapped up their friends, while Gabby and Lorena took me to get our skates.

"So when you and Bran start going out? "Rena asked.

"Were not going out." I tried to hide my face.

"Oh really? Why you blushing then?" Gabby moved my hands.

"I’m not blushing, and were not going out; we only kissed." That sent them in overdrive.

"You kissed!" They both yelled.

Shhhh! I don’t need everyone to know.” 

"Uh yes you do. Remember what Drew said. I don’t wanna beat a bustdown if Brandon is cuffin a hoe." I tied up my skates and rolled to the concession stand. I grabbed my nachos and found the crew.

"Thanks." Brandon swiped my nachos.

"Gimme my nachos."

"Gimme a kiss." He licked his lips.

I smacked my lips and leaned in. Brandon’s eyes fixated on something behind me, moving me out of the way.

"Fuck boy." Blake said.

Drew, Brandon, Ramon, and Tyler got up. 

"We ain’t botherin you." I said. 

"I’m still beatin yo ass for that." He can really hold a grudge.

"You want somethin nigga." Drew seethed, he was so mad I swear smoke was coming out his ears. Drew wasn’t there that day that we all fought but he was pissed when he heard what went down. Tyler was the same way, he looked at me as a sister because he was Gabby’s boyfriend.

"I’ll get it later." He walked pass bumping Brandon’s shoulder.

"Fuck!" Drew and Brandon hit the table.

"I guess we gotta settle this the old fashion way then." Ramon grabbed his phone, walking towards the door.

"We can’t go nowhere."Gabby started to take off her skates. 

"Yeah lets go back to the spot then." We all took off our skates.

The lights shut off for the glow in the dark skate and Juicy J’s Bands a make her dance blared out the speakers.

"Aye!!! " Rena started twerkin with Gabby and soon I was too. We were moving in sync with the beat and a pair of hands curled up my waist, to my neck. 

He leaned into my neck and whispered. “Lets go.” 

Our hands were locked together as he led me out the door. Brandon’s dimples were glowing, or either it was just me. We walked back to the car and I unlocked the doors.

"Are they coming with us?" I pointed to the main entrance.

"Yeah I’ll get them." Brandon walked towards the door.

My lipstick was smudged so I started digging in my bag for it. Someone tapped on the window, but I couldn’t see who it was. I shrugged it off. A pair of hands covered my mouth, muffling my scream. Anxiety kicked in and I snapped. I felt like someone was pulling me down and I only fought harder. Who ever it was, had a good grip on me because I was being dragged out of the car and into a building across the street. The person was behind me and I could see the crew looking for me. My phone was buzzing in my boot. I smashed my foot against it trying to answer it.

"Payton!" Lorena screamed into the phone, luckily my phone wasn’t turned up so no one could hear her voice unless they were close.

Mystery guy pulled me into a room and locked the door behind him. My heart was thudding, dropping every step he took towards me. His hood lowered exposing his face. 

Lorena’s voice was cut short and Brandon’s voice thundered.

"Babe, where are you? Please yell or scream to let me know that you’re safe. I know you wouldn’t joke like this. Where are you!" His fingers gripped my boot ending the call.


"No" I was trying to lose the attitude in my voice.

"Fine." He leaned in kissing my lips. I turned my head, he was forcing my lips onto his.

"Stop!" I yelled. 

"So you don’t want this." He stepped back gripping the chair I was sitting in. 

"No." I hissed.

His facial expression changed. The once light eye color he had, darkened to a deep hazel, signaling that he was angry.

"Mmhm." He reached over grabbing the duct tape off the stool. I watched him grab the tape and stretched it to fit across my mouth. 

I knew that he wasn’t a violent person so I kicked him. While he was hunched over, I grabbed my phone and tweeted: across MLK, babe get me before he does.brown building loves.

He got up and shot across the room to where I was. 

"I’m not gonna hurt you, I’m holding you for Blake. But he won’t know what goes on in here." His hands traveled down my shoulder,stopping at my waist.

I gripped his hands. Should I play along or fight back?

"You right. But I’m with someone tho. It wouldn’t be right." I grabbed his bomber jacket tugging at the sides.

"Bet he won’t know." He cooed in my ear.

"And how will we be sure?" 

"Trust me."

His hands slid up my shirt making me sick. I let him take my shirt off long enough before I noticed his pocketknife in his waist band. 

Mystery guy lifted me on to the counter, his cross chain freezing my body. His abs brushed against my body making me rethink my decision.

Breathe P. Just play along until he is vulnerable. 

I took a deep breath and relaxed. 

"Why are you holding me anyways? Aren’t you supposed to be in charge? " I asked trying not to open my eyes while he was kissing my neck.

"That nigga don’t run shit, he just a stone in the way. I come up with everything. He just my puppet, a sting bitch. I wanted you anyway, niggas wasn’t doing it right in the first place." My belt buckle opened, loosening my cargo skinnies. 

He stopped and all I could hear is my heart pounding along with his. 

"What?" I choked out. 

"Never understood why you kept your body covered this long." Is he really trying to sweet talk me after he just kidnapped me?

"Oh" My shirt and jeans hit the floor.

I was on the verge of tears, it wasn’t right. The door creaked open and someone called out.

"Yo! The phone for you." The small girl called out. She looked about 4 or 5. 

"Shit." He mumbled letting go of my waist.

"Don’t try shit." He eyed me.

Dumbass. He left me with the little girl sitting by the door.

"Are you his girlfriend?" She asked with the funniest expression.

"No. I’m just a friend."

"Why are your clothes off then?" She pointed to my top.

"I don’t know." I guess it wasn’t a valid answer because her face scrunched up.

"Do you want a snack?" I never got to eat my nachos, so I was hungry.

"Sure" I nodded.

She ran off in time for me to get closer to the door. 

"I got her tell Blake what I said too. Fuck him and his plan. Look I got her and I’m doing what I want. If he wanna do somethin, he know where I’m at." The little girl came back with some chewy bars.

"Here." She handed me the bar and stared at my wrist.

"What’s that?" I looked down at the tennis bracelet Brandon gave me when we first met.

"My boyfriend gave me this as a gift." She examined it and ripped open her bar.

He came back in the room with a sly grin on his face.

"Cassie get out." He said so bluntly, she smirked and closed the door.

"Your little sister?" He nodded. 

"Back to us…" I felt uneasy.


I ran back in there knocking Blake out in the middle of the rink. My baby was missing and it was my fault. I shouldn’t have left her when I want to get the crew. My heart was breaking in pieces, reminding me of everything I did wrong in this situation. Blake was holding his jaw. His crew didn’t help him this time,it was between me and him. 

"Get the fuck up." I gritted. 

There was only one way he was coming out alive. He had to tell me where Payton is or he leaving in a nice black bag with his name on it.

"Looking for yo bitch huh?" He smiled.

I punched his ass making him swallow his own teeth. 

"Where is she? And answer this right before I send yo ass home. A fucking promise on my brothers head." My pulse was racing and I knew that if he wasn’t going to answer me in a few seconds, I wouldn’t have any conscience left to stop myself.

"With my boy. Bet she havin a good time right now." He laughed.

It was over. I didn’t care anymore. I was blacking out. The things that I could see terrified me. His skull was slamming into the floor while my fists pounded his face in a pattern. I was hot. My body was speeding with every punch and blow I sent to his body. He was coughing up blood, I wanted to hurt him like he hurt me by taking my life away. Payton’s face popped up in my mind, telling me to stop.

I could feel hands wrapping around my arms pulling me back.

It was Drew and Tyler. 

"He ain’t worth the energy bro." I stood up.

Gabby and Lorena stood in front of me holding up their phones.

I looked at the tweet Payton sent out an hour ago. Brown building loves. Across MLK. 

I walked back over to Blake. 

"I’m fucking you up every time I see you." I said low enough for him to hear.

"The feelings mutual bruh." He said.

I punched him again.

"Brandon!" They yelled.

"Okay! Its the last time, Forreal."

We wasted no time getting outside. 

"Where’s my brother?" Gabby said.

"Here." Ramon was standing near the exit sign. 

He had his knife and his gun, cleaning the knife.

"Why do you have a gun? " She asked nervously.

"You’ll find out." 

I scanned the buildings looking for the brown one. Tyler pointed it out.

"It looks like they keep this place guarded." There was about 5 guys standing around the doors.

"Gabby and Rena can take one, I’ll take one, Ramon can get one and Drew can get one, you take the last one then." It was set.

Gabby and Rena walked over to the big one. Tyler and Drew approached the two guys that were talking. Ramon pulled out his gun on the biggest guy.

"I know that dusty fuck is in there. Open the fucking door." The guy pulled out his gun.

Gabby and Rena looked scared but I mouthed relax. I put the next one in a headlock tightening my grip. The girls somehow benchpressed the smaller one. I dropped the one I had when I put him to sleep. Tyler and Drew managed to drop theirs too. Ramon was aiming his gun directly at the last man standing. He pointed his gun at Ramon.


I heard shuffling outside and I hoped it was Brandon. He pulled his sweats off wrapping my legs around him. 

"I can’t." I pushed him back.

"Yes you can." He pinned my arms down.

"No!" I screamed. 

"Shut up! My sisters in the next room." He tugged on my underwear, ripping the fabric.

Cassie’s voice rang out.

"You’re hurting her!" She screamed hitting his legs.

"Shut up!" He smacked her, sending her into a burst of tears.

I felt strength build up inside me, he didn’t have to hit her like that. His chain was wrapped around his throat. I pushed myself off the counter and dragged the chain down to the floor. He clawed at me trying to loosen my hands. 

I perched down to Cassie’s level. 

"Are you okay?" She nodded.

"Stay here." I pulled his chain tighter, he was losing consciousness. 

Brandon and Gabby bursted through the door, Brandon hugged me. I nestled in his chest dropping the chain. 

"Babe, I’m" I pressed his lips into mine, forgetting reality behind me.

"Okay stop sucking face, we black so you know we die first if they come back." Tyler said making me laugh.

Ramon kicked mystery guy, waking him up.

"So you did this. For what? To get back at me. Taking my lil sis was a low blow tho." He pulled out his knife.

"Lets fight like men and end this here." Niko got up off the floor. 

I ran back into the room grabbing my clothes.

"Are you leaving?" Cassie sniffled.

"No not without you." I picked her up.

"Brandon this is Cassie. Cassie this is Brandon, the dude that gave me my tennis bracelet." I introduced her to everyone. 

"Can I go with you?" She wrapped her arms around my neck.

This was going to be a long night.

Chapter 6: My Clique

After Brandon kissed me it felt like everything was going right in my life, well that was until I came home.
“I’m tired of having this conversation with you.” Dri said.
I walked right into a break up argument between Dri and his girl.
As I turned around Dri stopped me. “Tell her what Ive been doing these past three days.”
I don’t know why I was pulled into this.
“Crying ” Her face dropped.
She turned around and walked to the door.
“I wanted to give you this.” She handed him the promise ring he gave her when they first started dating. My heart hit the floor, I have never seen Dri look so hurt in his life.
“I don’t need it anymore…” She kissed him and left.
Dri sunk to the floor staring at the small blue birthstone.
“P, I want you to promise me something.” I swallowed hard.
“Promise me that you won’t let anyone break your heart the same way their heart was broken.” Tears streamed down my face.
I grabbed his hand and sat next to him.
“I promise.”
He was crying, like helpless drops of faucet water hitting my sweater. After my kiss with Brandon, I think I need to comfort my brother for awhile.
Dri stopped crying when I wiped his face.
“I never cried over a girl before. I feel like a girl. Shit ain’t right.” We both chuckled.
“I can’t believe that you generate tears.” He punched me.
“Lets get out of the living room before someone sees us.”
“Aww Dri Dri afraid somebody gonna see him cry?”
“Fuck you” He chased me around the game room.
“Damn!” I hit the floor. But Dri and I stopped playfighting when we heard voices in the man cave.
“Look if you think about coming over here, I will end your career right now.” It was dad.
Dri and I moved closer to the bathroom, so we could hear more.
“I have a family 5 kids, a wife who I LOVE, and a grandchild. I cannot support anyone else.” He gritted.
It sounded like a woman was on the other line.
“You tell your wife or I come over and ruin that happy family of yours.” she said.
“Try me bitch and see if I don’t body your ass.” He said icily.
“Oh shit!” Dri whispered.
The door to the cave opened. Dad looked beyond pissed. We crouched down behind the door before he could see us.
When he left, Dri and I went into the man cave to look around.
“Who do you think was on the phone with him? ” I asked.
“I don’t know but it was a woman.” Dri moved the boxes on the shelves.
“Could Dad be sleeping around on mom?” I asked naively.
I opened his business drawer. “Dri look!” I pulled out a picture of a woman who looked familiar.
Dri snatched the picture.
“Rude.” I huffed.
“Fuck up.” He retorted.
He grabbed Dad’s legal folder and scanned it on the printer. “Now look through the associates and find out who is who.”
The list wasn’t long but not short either. The woman’s profile came up. “Anise Rivera. Boone&Donatelly law firm. State st.”
“What is she hidi-” The door handle turned.
We put everything back quick and hid in the closet.
Dad was on the phone again.
“I’ll be out later so we can talk about this. My family doesn’t need anymore drama than it already has, adding you to the mix will complicate things more.”
His face hardened.
“Fuck you mean you’re apart of it too. Don’t you have a family right?”
She screamed into the phone.”If I can’t have you then she can’t either! That includes your family too.”
“I’m done talking to you. Don’t call my shit unless its about work. Until then, you’re off the case and my dick.”
She started speaking in Spanish and surprisingly he did too.
We waited a good 5 minutes before he left.
“What’s funny?” Dri said.
“Dad went ham on her through the phone. Body her ass tho’.”
“That was cray.”
I looked at Gabby as she lifted my shirt. “Javier, do you cherish your life?” she asked him.
“I don’t think you will have it any longer once her parents find out.” I giggled.
My phone buzzed.
“Logan you won’t believe this.” Payton yelled.
“Lower your chords. What is it.”
“Dad said he was gonna body this chick’s ass if she said anything.”
“Don’t know but she works for Dad. Anise Rivera.”
“That’s the new associate at Dad’s partner firm.The woman who was flirting with dad at the dinner party a few weeks back. She kept rolling her eyes when Dad and Mom would hug or kiss. I was about to muff that bitch if she kept looking at Mom like someone shitted on her biscuit.”
“Sounds like the Two has alot of explaining to do huh?”
“yeah, but let me handle it.” I hung up.
“Babe I gotta go home. Bryce and Delilah need the car.” I grabbed my coat. Anise was going to meet the family.
“She said if she couldn’t have him we couldn’t either.” I sipped my smoothie. My sisters weren’t the ones to mess with. If anyone thought Payton was damage, put the four of us together and there would be collateral damage.
“I got her info when Dri and I were in his man cave.” P opened the folder.
“So how are we doing this?” Bryce asked.
“I say we pay her a visit but be nice and sweet first. Get her to talk about it. She seen Logan before so you have to wait in the car. Bryce and I will talk to her and see what we get. If she jumps stupid, Payton can rock her shit.” It amazes me that Delilah is the dangerous one when she is so nice to people.
“Deal.” We all wiggled our fingers like in Rocket Power, it was something we always did.
Lil B’s voice boomed through the speakers as Bryce speeded down the Dan Ryan. Bryce looked too hype to be driving.
“Bry, are you okay?” She looked into the mirror.
“Yeah I’m good, I’m just wondering why she wants to force herself in this family.” She exited the lane.
“The building right there is her house.” Payton pointed to this townhouse.
Deli knocked on her door first. My blood was boiling at this point. Thank God I had this child in my stomach or that bitch would have been done for.
“Why are you here?” She snapped.
I was fidigiting in my seat, I wanted out of that car. “Calm down” Payton rubbed my arm.
I couldn’t hear anything else so I relaxed.
“We wanted to talk to you about a segment in our college magazine called Women In The Workplace.” I smiled. She was two seconds from meeting my knuckles if she would have snapped again.
“Oh, excuse me for that I was just on the phone with a guy I knew.” She let us in.
I looked around her place, I was impressed.
“He must have made you mad huh?” Bryce probed.
“Yeah” she chuckled.
“Why?”Bryce asked.
“Ken.I don’t think you should ask her that. Were doing a segment remember?” I had to be convincing.
“I don’t mind, have a seat.” She led us to her living room.
“It was this guy I met at my firm. He is a partner. Very fine, Beautiful eye’s, nice body, and very flirtatious. But I tried to get him to sleep with me and he kept saying no. So I dropped it and continued to work. Then the dinner party that the firm has was coming up and I didn’t have a date. I put on my best dress and decided that I was going to have a good time without him.” She grabbed the glass of wine off the table.
“When I got there, I seen him except.” Anise gripped the glass.
“He was with a woman, I think she was his wife and there was a girl who had eyes like him. She was mugging me. I kept an eye on him I didn’t like the way that she was looking at him.” I looked at Bryce. She was holding back her laughter.
“I called him today to tell him that I want and need him. And if he didn’t comply he would feel what I felt. Then he started talking about his family and his 5 kids, like I cared anyways. Them little bastards don’t need him anyways and his wife is -” Bryce laughed loud.
“This bitch is delusional as fuck.” She was tearing up.
“What’s funny?” Anise looked confused.
“The fact that you think he is going to drop his family for you.” I laughed.
Anise’s eyes darkened in rage.
“Oh snap! She look mad bro.” Bry was egging her on.
“My father will NEVER I MEAN NEVER leave my family for you.” I got up.
Anise walked over to me and we were at eye level. “Never say never babes.” She chuckled.
I snapped.
Her hair was wrapped around my fingers as I punched her in the nose as hard as I could. I seen red. It was building up anyways. Anise pushed me back making me stumble into the couch. Bryce jumped in.
I knew they were taking too long because Bryce would have texted me to come in. I looked over at Payton and nodded.
“Lets go.”
Payton didn’t waste time knocking on the door. She kicked it down cop style. All I could see is Delilah on top of Anise, Bryce on her side kicking Anise in the stomach.
“Aye!” I roared. They stopped and looked at me. I charged at Anise pushing both of my sisters back. Once I got my hands around Anise’s throat, it was game over. I stomped her in the face making sure she wasn’t going to keep up that pretty face of hers. Her head was bobbing up and down as I slammed her down on the floor. She mustered up some strength and scratched me. Wrong move.
All 4 of us were jumping her. Anise wasn’t stopping yet. She knocked me back and ran into the kitchen.
“Fuck” I yelled. I have no time for her to get any ideas.
“Anise, I’m so sorry for my I mean our behavior but you deserved it. You’re a nice person, I have to say but damn you a delusional female.” Payton said as she inched towards the kitchen.
“Stay the fuck away from me!” Anise yelled.
We all laughed cuz homegirl had a knife in her hand like she was in a horror movie.
“Yo you can put that down.” Deli was behind her.
“I’m going to call the cops.”She yelled.
“On little ol me?” P walked closer.
Anise sliced the air.
“Back up!”
Deli snatched the knife from Anise.
“Okay now sit down and shut up.” I held my phone up to her face.
“Wait wasn’t that a show?” Payton asked.
“It was a show on fox.”
“Not relevant right now.”
Bryce dialed Dad’s number on Anise’s phone.
“Tell him what we agreed to. If you say anything besides this. We will be coming back. Never say Never babe.” Deli handed her the card.
“Uh Mason, its me.”
“No need to be rude. I tapped her shoulder. I mean, I’m sorry for the trouble I caused. I know that you have a w w wife and family. It wasn’t my intentions to stress you out. I will continue to work and do things with you on a professional level. I am sincerely so sorry for my behavior it was not professional and wasn’t for the workplace. I’ll understand any of the consequences that come from this. Goodbye.” She started sobbing.
” Okay clean your self up.” I grabbed my phone and put my jacket back on.
We were all waiting in the car.
“Alright, Bry let her go.” I heard shuffling and a slap.
“Shut up already!”
Bryce got back in the car.
“She cried too much.” I giggled.
“Lets go to McDonald’s.” I rubbed my stomach.
“Fat ass.” They all said in unison.
“Two people here..” I regretted saying it as soon as it left my lips.
“Your pregnant?” Shit. It happened twice.

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Collateral Damage…